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CT Heart Surgery Oral Board Review

    >> Welcome Cardiothoracic Surgery Trainees!

Oral Boards for Cardiothoracic Surgery are notoriously difficult, are very detail oriented, and can occasionally throw you trick questions. The Oral Board Review section of our site hosts several hundred board review questions to help surgical trainees ace their oral boards. Our database of questions will keep your skills sharp and to keep you on the cutting edge of oral board exam performance.

At's Oral CT Board Review, you will have the time you need, throughout the last 2 years of your training to understand, absorb, and recall the information presented here. You can visit and re-visit our site as many times as you need to review and study the information presented. We'll frequently review our questions, so you're constantly challenged to do better... and ultimately you will score highly on your oral boards.
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Also, our site is the only oral review which incorporates congenital heart surgery. That's right, in order to make you truly ace your exam,'s Oral Cardiothoracic Surgery Board Review will take you through the topics you need to know for congenital heart surgery.
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Your exam success might depend on just a few of the clinical pearls you pick up here!

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See Sample Questions... Click Here.

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